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Hello Everyone! We are making this post to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Mine In Abyss (a Minecraft recreation of Made in Abyss) discord server! Almost a year has passed since our last post (oops), but in this time, progress has not stopped. Before we look at the progress, we want to mention that, although we’ve grown a lot, we still need as much help as we can get. If you are at all interested in helping, or just want to hop on and look around, consider joining our Discord Server. At the bottom of the page are some of the things we are looking for help with.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what has been done!

Build Progress

Have a look through this big album, it has lots and lots of fancy cinematic photos of different layers.

Now, for a list of what’s been built:


Here’s what we have done in terms of code and gameplay:

Social media

Posting once a year seems to be slightly inefficient, so we have decided to start a YouTube channel and Twitter account. A few day ago Tsukushi himself tweeted about us!

While our twitter and youtube are both fairly empty at the moment, we will be updating them frequently. We hope to be posting images and updates on the Twitter multiple times a week, and videos every once in a while. We are always looking for more content to post, so if you hop on the server and shoot a video or take a few pics we would be happy to post them with credit. As always, you can join us in our Discord Server, which leads into the next section…

Come help us!

To end things off, we need your help! Even if you aren’t a good builder, there are many other things you can do to help out. Here are a few things we are looking for help with:

Thanks for reading

- The Mine in Abyss Team

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