Two Year Anniversary Update

Survival server Reset

Site redesign
Progress update

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Hello there! This is an update post on the Mine in Abyss project, a recreation of Made in Abyss in Minecraft. It’s been yet another year since our last post, and we’ve been making steady progress, and have a lot of exciting news we’ll share now!

Website Discord Server Big album of images Our social media is available on the site!


To start things off, we got a proper survival server setup! You can check it out at survive.mineinabyss.com (as well as build.mineinabyss.com for build). The server has been around for several months and has a small but wonderful playerbase. It isn’t meant to replace the adventure server, but it’s there for you to have something to play in the meantime. Both servers run on Minecraft 1.13.2.

Last thing before we get into the interesting stuff, we got a site over at mineinabyss.com. You can also chat and get notified of new stuff on our Discord server here.

Major news

Barebones gamemode

We started development on a roguelike gamemode (more info below).

Builds open to anyone

We’re introducing a new system that will allow you to quickly be able to build on the main server without having to go through building applications.

Admins and Sr. Builders can give out plots of land for you to build in, right in the abyss! We’re also trying to host build events every two weeks. These are open to everyone, and we’re having one this Saturday, check the Discord server if you’re interested!

Custom mobs on survival

A couple months back, we added custom mobs to the survival server! There are about a dozen, each with their own models, drops, and even some with custom AI. We have some creatures from the show, as well as some completely custom ones, with each layer holding different creatures. Many of the mobs need to have their AI reworked so they feel more unique, which will be done for the adventure server.

There’s tons of other cool stuff, so let’s get into the details.

Build Progress

Once gain, take a look at the big album!

Here’s what we’ve built in the past year:


Here’s what we have done in terms of code and gameplay:

Roguelike gamemode

There is no clear estimate on when we’ll have a playable game, but our new relics system called Looty, and the custom mobs plugin, called Mobzy have paved the path for this. We want to take these systems and wrap them around a super barebones roguelike gamemode to give you something to play.

It will be a simple game that we will build upon over time, where you’ll be able to venture down the abyss with friends to try and reach the bottom! The goal is to keep things simple enough for development to be done quickly, so look out for that.


Forget relics (because we have something cooler!) Looty is a super powerful plugin we’ve created that makes creating relics a piece of cake. You can even make them ingame on the test server at test.mineinabyss.com. Here is a video showcasing some basic relics. There are also some cooler effects available.


The custom mobs plugin is now known as Mobzy and it’s been split into an API for anyone to use. Unlike custom mobs you see on other servers, Mobzy integrates deeper with the server, which allows us to do really fancy stuff, like custom mob AI. It’s also built around the idea of using custom models (instead of, say, zombies with colored armor). If you’re interested in the mobs themselves, get on the survival server and try fighting them! There’s also an image of all of them together in the big album.

1.14/1.15 update

1.14 has been quite a disaster for servers. It has had a lot of performance hits, which Mojang has acknowledged, and fixed in the upcoming 1.15 update. We’ve decided to hold off until then to update. You can also find an interesting writeup on these performance issues by a dev at Mojang.

Other stuff

Come help us!

The project relies on people volunteering their time and efforts. We’re trying to make it easier to get started with helping out. Below is a quick list of what we need the most:

Thanks for reading,

- The Mine in Abyss Team

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