Three Year Anniversary Update

New mobs

Survival server Reset
Progress update

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It’s that time of year again… We’re the Mine in Abyss project, a recreation of Made in Abyss in Minecraft, and today marks our three year anniversary! To celebrate, every year we make an update post showing off pretty pictures, and give you guys some updates on our progress.

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Check out mineinabyss.com/contributing to learn how you can help out with the project! We’re always open to new builders, artists, coders, and more!

Major news

Survival Reset and Server Upgrades

We did a reset of the survival server last year, eventually upgrading it to a better machine, and recently upgrading the build server as well. We don’t plan to reset it anytime soon since we’re so happy to see an active and awesome community. People have made many towns and big projects in the abyss. We showcased some of them our abyss tour on YouTube, but even more great builds have popped up since!

Adventure Server

For a while now, we’ve been planning a separate server that could deliver more than regular Minecraft experience. Nothing was getting done in that regard, so we decided to start a design team to get things rolling! The team has been really great, and we’re starting to build an image of what we want to achieve.

The survival server will exist alongside adventure. Survival’s goal is to be Minecraft in the abyss, while adventure will be a more hardcore unique game mode. Our plans for adventure may change in the future, so we won’t give too much info right now. :P

So far it’s looking like a roguelike with some long term progression systems, we hope to make the delving experience similar to a run of MineZ, while addressing some of its progression issues and overall lack of variety. Alright, I’ll keep my mouth shut now, but we hope to get a basic playable server working within half a year. We know it’s slow, but stay tuned!

Survival Events [Album]

We’ve held two big events on survival this year, both themed after other shows:

Overlord - We recreated The Great Tomb of Nazarick and had players explore it and fight the characters from the show.

Fate Event - We also had an event based on the Fate-series. We rebuilt the Camelot Castle with interior and everything, and alot of other points of interest. Players were then able to fight the characters which had custom modelled swords from the show.

We plan on eventually hosting the maps we’ve built on another server for people to explore and continue working on, adding more worlds as we have new events!

Build Progress


Overall, Orth is almost covered with structures all the way around. You can get a visual idea of the progress from the latest render in the anniversary album linked on top!

Other Areas and Build Events [Album]

We try to host build events every other week, where anyone can join and help out with a specific place in the abyss. Here’s some areas we’ve built:

Check them out in the album linked above.

Other news

Resourcepack updates [Album]

We’ve been starting to work a lot on our custom resourcepack lately. The main additions include:

Check them out in the album above, some of the stuff isn’t on survival yet, but will be added soon!

Codey stuff

We’ve gone through a lot of iterations when coding our relics system, and have recently settled on using Entity Component Systems (ECS). This design pattern is common in some bigger games and nicely lets us make both relics and mobs super modular.

Progress has been slow because of our lack of devs, but we already have a working system for custom mobs. We hope to eventually make these tools useful for other servers as well, given how modular and configurable they are. You can learn more on the GitHub pages for Geary, Mobzy, and Looty.

Organizing things

We started using Notion to organize our different teams a little and keep track of things. This includes the contributing page mentioned earlier. If you’re interested in helping out with the project, that should be enough to get you started ;)

Thanks for reading,

- The Mine in Abyss Team

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