Bedrock and Console support

Dynamic Orth Map
It works no more

Recently, we have been testing out support for other platforms than the Java Edition of Minecraft.
This means that people can now join from Bedrock/Xbox/Playstation//Switch/Pocket Edition.
This is only basic support, and most platforms other than PC will be very laggy.
Features like the climbing system & the custom mobs, will be semi-functional or just broken.
We are trying to find a solution for this, but it will take time as we are a small team and other things take priority at the moment.
In essence, this is to allow people on other platforms to explore the map of the Abyss we have worked hard to make.

Because of this, we are thinking of limiting these platforms from joining the Survival Server, as it is not going to work smoothly. Though this is not enforced at time of writing this.
This means you will be able to join the Build Server, fly around and explore the map, but not join Java players in survival mode.
In order to join, input the information below:
Server-IP: (if this does not work, try joining
Server-Port: 19132 (Should be set to this by default)

If you have any questions, feel free to join the Discord Server and ask away!